Windows 10 is the New Windows

Windows 10 is the New Windows

December 30, 2022 Off By Elma

Microsoft presented Windows 10, the new operating system, last week. It will be available next year. The news is huge, even though the presentation was not accompanied by the hype and PR associated with Apple products.
Microsoft seems to be going out of its way with Windows 10, in an effort to win back Windows 8 users (if you don’t like the 8, you’re not alone!). The new OS will have a lot of great features, both new and returning. Yes, the Start menu is back! Windows 10 will include an updated Notifications Centre and Cortana voice assistant, which Windows Phone users are familiar with. Windows 10 will allow users to run multiple virtual desktops at once.
Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview, an early build version of the operating systems to give developers a better idea. If you’re a tech lover who is willing to spend some time with Microsoft’s buggy, in-progress operating system, you can download it, test it and give your feedback. Microsoft will then consider your feedback as they develop the operating system. This is the Microsoft Insider Program and it’s open for anyone.
This video will give you a quick preview of Windows 10 and show you how to try it out.

Here’s a quick overview of Windows 10 features. There are many more features to come. Microsoft even says that the design is still in progress. We should expect even more excitement next year.
Guess who’s back? Start Menu! Start Menu will be bigger and better than ever! It will now feature a live tile section that users can customize according their preferences and app preferences.

Windows 10 has more windows Everything now runs in a single window. Windows Store apps now open in the same format that desktop apps. Windows can be moved, resized, and so on.

Snap enhancements: Windows 10 lets you snap up to four apps or programs on one screen. Other apps can take up additional screen space.

NEW: Task view button added to taskbar. This will allow for quick access to files and applications and allows for switching between them.

Task View allows you to create multiple virtual desktops. Windows 10 adds the ability for multiple desktops to be run on one computer via Task View. To open Task View, click the black rectangle with a plus symbol over it to open a new window. When you have multiple desktops open, the tiles will appear at the bottom of your screen in horizontal order. You can also drag apps from one virtual desktop to another, which is called “Snap Assist”.
After the presentation in San Francisco was finished, users began to point out the similarities between the new operating system and various Mac OS versions. These comments are valid and the new Microsoft OS will be ‘the most powerful Windows yet’. However, it won’t be groundbreaking or revolutionary. We won’t know the pricing or packages information until we wait to see what Windows 10 will cost us. Keep checking back for updates about Windows 10 as they become available.