What are the latest updates in Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) and how can organizations benefit from them?

What are the latest updates in Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) and how can organizations benefit from them?

February 24, 2023 Off By Elma

Continuous learning is essential for continuous growth. To increase productivity, you must prioritize meeting the learning needs of your team. Cisco is a major provider of IT network equipment. They also offer certification to validate network-related skills. Cisco offers a learning credit system called Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs). This allows learners to enroll in training courses. Cisco’s Value Exchange Program uses the CLCs to help meet professional and company education and training needs. Cisco recently updated the CLCs as well as the Value Exchange Program to make learning more flexible, transparent, and adaptable. This blog will discuss the most important updates to the CLCs, and how organizations can gain from them.
Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), Latest Updates
Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), prepaid training vouchers, facilitate planning and purchase of Cisco products and services. CLCs give you the tools you need to maximize the value and success of your Cisco solutions. CLCs give you the ability to manage, purchase and redeem Cisco training courses.
Cisco certifications and training are essential in almost every industry. It is clear that technology advances are occurring on a regular basis. The internet and businesses’ underlying infrastructures are trying to keep up with the latest business methods. Cisco has made a number outstanding breakthroughs to meet the needs of today’s networks. One of these breakthroughs is network automation.
CLCs’ latest update allows users to redeem credit points directly at Cisco’s official training partner NetCom Learning. Your company will gain a competitive edge by integrating Cisco training with its network solution. Cisco Learning Credits are available for purchase in conjunction with Cisco hardware, software, and services, or as a standalone purchase. Each credit is worth $100 towards NetCom Learning training.
What has changed in the Value Exchange Program for CLCs
Cisco invented virtual training vouchers, which they called Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) more than a decade ago. These vouchers allow executives to choose the type of training they want, when they need it, and where to get it. This allows them to achieve their goals faster. Digitization has made many aspects of modern life easier, including education and learning. Cisco concluded that the current Learning Credit program is not in line with industry best practices or regulatory norms. It also does not meet the ever-increasing expectations of its customers.
Cisco has stopped compensating Learning Partners using Cisco Learning Credits. NetCom Learning, an authorized Cisco training partner, is cooperating with Cisco to provide the best possible value to CLCs.
Here are the most recent changes to Cisco Value Exchange Program in relation to CLCs.
Cisco lists CLC-eligible course on its Cisco Learning Locator. NetCom Learning offers a number of these courses.

For regular courses, you may choose open enrollment value exchange classes qualifying for CLCs.

You can now reserve materials and practice sessions related to training sessions, as well as operational information.

Registering for training sessions or redeeming CLCs will increase your transparency and adaptability.

You can still order Cisco training directly through NetCom Learning

You can continue to earn CLCs by taking our training courses or exchange them with Cisco.

Prepaid training credits allow you to purchase, manage, and redeem Cisco-authorized training. If you want to maximize your Cisco Network investment, you have the advantage. You also benefit from the expertise of IT professionals. Cisco training classes offer the best training quality. You will also receive a Learning Voucher Pass. This allows you to save time, money, effort, and reduce the number of purchase orders required for training. Cisco Learning Credits are valid for 365 calendar days from the date of your invoice. If they wish to extend these Credits, administrators must submit a request via the Cisco learning management software.
How can organizations benefit from the latest CLCs updates?
NetCom Learning, in partnership with Cisco, offers Cisco Learning Credits to help businesses save.