Five of the Best Project Management Pinterest Pages You Must Follow

Five of the Best Project Management Pinterest Pages You Must Follow

September 23, 2022 Off By Elma

Pinterest has been a hugely popular social media platform since its inception in 2010. It allows users to organize visual tips and ideas for improving their professional and personal lives. This includes planning, budgeting, designing, and managing.
Pinterest is not only a source of inspiration and tips for everyday life, but it is also a key resource for business (both B2B & B2C). Marketing departments are often referred to as “Pinterest-perfect” when they use visually appealing products.

Pinterest can be used to do so much more than organize users’ lives, gather inspiration, and create advertising products. Pinterest is a great place to save and find ideas about project management, business operations, and other topics.
If you know where to search. Lucky for you, I have already found the top PM pages on Pinterest to help you get started.
Top project management Pinterest pages
It can be overwhelming to search Pinterest boards and pages. Here are five top project management Pinterest pages to help you in your search. These Pinterest pages were evaluated using the following criteria:
These pages are sorted by the number of followers.
1. Project Management at 480 Degrees Inc.

Project Management Pinterest Boards by 480 Degrees Inc.
480 Degrees Inc.’s project management page is one of the most popular Pinterest pages with 17,700+ followers.
It is a large Canadian company that specializes in project management training and consulting. 480 Degrees Inc. has boards that cover everything from planning, development, and projects. You can browse the boards to find inspiration and get new ideas for improving project management in your business.
It is run by 480 Degrees Inc.
Start with this board: Planning
2. A Girl’s Guide To PM

A Girl’s Guide To PM’s Project Management Pinterest Boards
It will not surprise anyone who is a fan of project management that Elizabeth Harrin’s Pinterest page on project management is included in this list.
Harrin is the founder of A Girl’s Guide to PM. This content marketing company focuses on project management. Harrin focuses on these “musts” of business: time management and problem solving. And, of course, managing projects well. She regularly updates her Pinterest board with new tips for managing one’s work life.
Who runs it: A Girl’s Guide to PM
Start with this board: Time Management
3.’s project management pinterest Boards’s page has over 750 followers and boards spanning a wide range of topics related to project management.
Its boards include reviews of project management software and books. also pins articles on what’s trending in the PM world.
Follow this page to keep up to date on PM news and to learn about’s take on popular PM tools.
Who runs it:
Start with this board: Books
4. Capterra

Capterra’s Pinterest boards relating to s-software
We couldn’t pass up the chance to showcase our Pinterest page, especially since we have so much information about project management.
Like its project management blog, Capterra’s Pinterest page focuses primarily on software. This focus on project management tools provides readers with lots of infographics as well as reading material to help them choose the best software for their team.
Capterra also has boards that focus on specific industry project management, such as IT and construction. This allows you to get tips tailored to your industry or role.
Capterra is the one who runs it
Start with this board: