AWS Kinesis Video streams for Real-time Audio Streaming and Video Streaming

AWS Kinesis Video streams for Real-time Audio Streaming and Video Streaming

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1. Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Video Stream Services2. AWS Video Services3. Kinesis Video Service with Producer SDK and Consumer SDK4. Kinesis WebRTC service5. Benefits of AWS Kinesis video stream6. Use Cases7. Conclusion8. Cloudthat9. FAQs1. Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Video Services
Security cameras are increasingly being used for real-time visualization due to various security threats. Security cameras are used for monitoring patient operations, monitoring employees, military, journalism, among other purposes. These live streaming and video processing require significant processing and data transfer to the cloud.
Amazon Kinesis Video Services, a service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allows you to receive live streaming video frames from IoT (Internet of Things), and camera modules. We can also back up the video to cloud and perform video processing with machine learning and computer vision modules.

2. AWS Video Services
Kinesis video service for producer and consumer SDKs

Kinesis WebRTC Service

Let’s take a look at them all.
3. Kinesis Video Service for Producer and Consumer:
The Kinesis video producer SDK (Software Development Kit), will be available on edge devices like camera modules, IoT devices and mobile phones. This producer SDK collects video frames and sends them over to Amazon’s Kinesis service. Consumer SDK runs on an application side. It could be a mobile or laptop. To receive video frames from the Kinesis video stream, and display them to the user, the SDK uses a mobile device.
Kinesis Video Streams integrates with Amazon Rekognition Video, libraries for ML (Machine Learning), and TensorFlow. This allows users to view and playback video-on demand and quickly create applications that use computer vision and video analysis.

4. Kinesis WebRTC Service
Kinesis Video Streams supports WebRTC. WebRTC allows peer-to-peer media exchange between two devices using the STUN and TURN servers.
A STUN server helps establish the connection between two clients. A TURN server assists in the exchange real-time data among clients. We can create applications that allow for ultra-low latency streaming and two-way real time communication via WebRTC.

5. Benefits of AWS Kinesis Video Stream
You can stream video from millions of devices
Apps that use real-time video and vision
You can view both live and recorded video streams.
Apps that support real-time streaming in two-way
Searchable, long-lasting storage
There is no infrastructure to manage.
6. Use Cases
Smart city

Many towns have placed a large number of cameras in parking lots, shopping centers, and traffic signals. These cameras record video 24 hours a days, seven days a săptămână. With Kinesis video streams, we can send video to AWS cloud and store it on S3 for a lower price. We can also analyze the films to identify and address traffic issues such as traffic rule violations or emergency dispatch.
Smart home

You can stream audio and video live from home appliances equipped with camera cameras such as baby monitors, motion sensors, cameras, and security systems to Amazon Kinesis Video streams. These feeds can then be used to create a variety of smart home applications. WebRTC can be used to stream real streaming media and interactivity. You can have a conversation at your door or manage your camera-enabled device via your phone.
Industrial Automation

High-capacity cameras are used to capture live activities in the industry. This data can be streamed into the AWS Kinesis video streams.