Month: September 2022

How to talk about risk and have everyone listen

Shashwati, a project manager by trade, is joined Galen Low. She has been working in the IT Industry since she completed her Masters in Statistics. She has extensive experience in Quality, Release, and Project Management. Listen to this to learn how to talk to others about risk. Interview Highlights Shashwati has a Masters’s degree in…

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How to Survive a Project Management Crisis

Your customers raised a problem with the top management without any clear reason. They will cancel the project and revoke a contract. Your boss has called an emergency meeting. What should a project manager do in this situation? [iStock/Nastco]I once faced a project management crisis due to client dissatisfaction. It accumulated for almost a year.…

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The Top 5 Project Management Software Adoption Best practices

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You spend thousands of dollars and months of research on your shiny new project management software. It’s then abandoned by everyone when it finally works. Frustrating, right? Poor tool adoption is a frustrating problem. People approach new software adoption with optimism, skepticism and cynicism. This is not surprising, since change…

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